Taliesin Orgins: Book Launch

An evening of music, story and a Q&A with the author, as well as an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the book.The Celtic Myth of Taliesin is a vast and tangled web of characters, themes, symbols and histories, yet it maintains its ancient potency to this day.In this groundbreaking exploration, Dr Gwilym Morus-Baird tells the many tales behind the story and draws out the deeper meanings of the original myth.One of the most complete studies of the greatest Celtic bard in print.'. . . a scholarly honouring of the magical and otherworldly nature of the Celts.' - Professor Susan PryoI, Tamna University.'His work is of incalculable value . .. from the clarity of his explanations and beyond to the countless associations he invites and stimulates.' - Associate Professor Valeria Rodriguez Van Dam, Universidad de Buenos Aires'. . . fundamental for any exploration into Celtic myths and the meaning behind them.' - Dr GaryLlewellyn, Scientist, Neo-Druid & Storyteller'His work . . goes to the inner most aspects of Celtic culture that otherwise would seem impossible to penetrate.' - Luke Huw Llewellyn, Welsh Folklore Student & Musician'He brings the full essence and depth of Welsh mythology into modern times ... he has the utmost respect for the original sources and adheres to them as he teaches.' - Kate Cowie Riley, Poet and Writer'Taliesin and other great poets spring back to life again in his voice. I have learned more from him than I can ever express.' - Dr Ann Beer'He skilfully stirs the cauldron, and we who are gathered round invariably catch the odd drop of awen.' - Simon Hughes Lilly, Author, Artist & Craftsman


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