Beggers Button

Beggar's ButtonsThursday 27th July7:30pm Free entry!-------------Beggar’s Buttons are three close friends that play windswept, mud-spattered folk music with the beauty of an anarchist vision. Having come together on squatted land projects and protest sites, they've now put down roots in the hills of Ceredigion, but nomadic inclinations remain reflected in tunes and influences gathered across the Western European Isles.They play guitar, mandola and wooden flute, augmented by other hand-crafted instruments, creating a sound at once earthy and airy like a slant of sunlight illuminating the dust through the window of a cobbled-together dwelling. Their songs speak to the things that matter most - community, companionship, relationship with the land - and will stick with you like the seeds of the Burdock plant that give the band their name.


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